Security Water and Sanitation DistrictS
231 Security Blvd   (719) 392-3475
Security, Colorado

Security’s Water Quality

Security water meets all federal and state drinking water regulatory requirements. Due to concerns about Perfluoroaklyl substances, or PFASs, Security has curtailed use of water wells and is maximizing use of Pueblo Reservoir water. For more information please refer to the following links.

October 2016 Mailer Update

PFC Customer Update August 2016

Notice of PFOA, PFOS & PFHpA Drinking Water Health Advisories

Colorado Department of Health Press Release (Issued May 19th 2016)

EPA Fact Sheet, PFOA & PFOS Drinking Water Health Advisories

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The Security Water & Sanitation Districts now offers online payment with your credit/debit card for your water and sanitation billing. You may also view your billing and account history online.

Click this link or the following button to sign up and view or make your online payment:

By clicking on these links, you will be taken to a secure payment site and will no longer be using the Security Water & Sanitation Districts' web site.

The online payment service will charge your credit card account $2.50 convenience fee; this fee is NOT charged or controlled by the Districts.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to use this payment method, and your account is scheduled to be turned off or has already been turned off due to a delinquent billing; YOU MUST CALL the Security Water & Sanitation Districts' office at 719-392-3475, to verify that your payment has been received and approved.